What about the rubbish?

Now we might live on the edge of the lentil belt* and we’re keen on running as environmentally friendly as possible, but at the end of the day it’s your event and within reason you can pretty much do what you like.

However, it is worth bearing in mind how much rubbish we produce on a daily basis. This only increases when running an event or celebrating a wedding. It’s worth checking with your venue as to what happens with your waste and seeing if you can recycle as much as possible. It’s so much easier to recycle at point of consumption so if you have bins ready to go you can separate out paper, plastic and tin.

Whilst microbeads in face wash, glitter in schools and unnecessary supermarket packaging might seem harmless enough, the Attenborough affect has made us realise how much plastic is inadvertently ending up in the oceans.

Just have a think when planning your event. It’s understandable that you want wedding decor to be on point, but could you use alternatives to plastic?

The top 5 things we find when we hose our matting down are:

  1. Plastic diamantes
  2. Plastic heel protectors
  3. Plastic straws
  4. Plastic cups
  5. Glitter

This blog isn’t meant to be an eco warrior rant, but it’s about making decisions where we can to reduce waste effectively.

*The self proclaimed lentil belt would be defined with tongue firmly in cheek from Hunters Bar, Nether Edge through Meersbrook and Heeley because of the high proportion of vegan and sling mums, and avocado aficionados.