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We are Milestone Marquees, and we offer Trapeze marquee hire in Yorkshire. If you don’t want a conventional marquee then we are just the ticket. Our tents have unique curves and points like the rolling hills and rugged terrain of the Peak District. Our tents are strong and watertight whatever the weather. If you’re looking to hire a marquee in Yorkshire? Look no further.

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We’ve been keeping the cake and flowers dry since 2014, and in that time we’ve helped over a hundred bride and grooms. Having an outdoor wedding gives you freedom beyond four walls. It also gives you the chance to make cost savings by taking a more DIY approach. If you require more information please request a quote. We are a family run business who are dedicated to providing an excellent, seamless service to ensure your big day goes without any hiccups…other than the boozy ones. We judge things by our own high standards having had our wedding in one of our own Trapeze marquees. 


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It might be bonfire night but it is also Milestone Marquees organiser, marquee erector, all round legend who picks up the slack in marquee silly season's birthday. So I had to whip up (with the help of some junior assistance) this triple choc salted caramel popcorn cake. She loved it...well we all did 😋@snarfy86 #cake #icanbaketoo 😂😁


November 5

Peak a boo! Rebecca and Will's homespun wedding up on the blog. Link in bio 👉


October 28

Like watching paint dry. After a couple of wet takedowns at the weekend. We're making sure they get packed away crisp and dry.


September 25

- Blue Autumn Skies -


September 24