Introducing a fabulous new venue in Leeds

Last summer we had the pleasure of being part of a fabulous wedding at Horsforth Golf Course Club, situated on the outskirts of Leeds.

Last year we setup 2 of our 28”x38” Capri marquees on the eighteenth hole’s run off with clear sides looking down the beautiful greens. We catered for 120 seated, with lime-washed chairs, round tables, coconut matting flooring, uplighters, fairy lights around the arches, and a wooden parquet dance-floor.

This complemented the brides rustic theme with simple white table cloths, hessian table runners, bunting and handmade centre pieces made out of wooden logs cut to size.

So successful was the wedding, Secretary Simon is looking to open the venue up to couples looking for a Leeds based venue which is only 20 minutes from the city centre.

The Golf Club can also take the hassle out of organising a bar as Simon and the team at the club provide a full bar and a BBQ if needed. They are also fairly flexible if you want to arrange your own catering generique de cialis.

Even if you’re not into golf, this venue is a hidden gem in Leeds. With a number of locations at the venue; one with a magnificent view down the fairway, a giant field where you could let your imagination run wild, and a couple of other sites depending on what you fancy. The best thing to do is get in touch and have a look around.

Some locations are a bit further from the amenities so you may have to consider hiring toilets and generator, but we can work with you to advise on this.

We’re proud to offer exclusive use of this venue in partnership with Horsforth Golf Club. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.