Let the planning begin…

So it’s been two months since our engagement down in Cornwall, and in between working a lot we’ve made a start deciding on what we want to do on our big day. As we’ve chosen to get married in 2016, people have told me that I have got ages to plan. We’re having a relatively small wedding but there is still loads to do which makes 2 years not long at all – or maybe I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed already?

To help you and me, here are a few tips that I’m finding useful:

Get yourself a wedding planner. I picked up a great one from M&S for just £10 and it’s got all sorts in there that I would never have even thought of! If you’re a fuss pot like me, you might want to have a spare notebook and then write it up in neat in your planner. It doubles up as a planner and a great memento.

Get on Pinterest. You’ll find thousands of ideas so you can start making decisions on themes, colours, decorations etc. Unless you know exactly what you want – and some brides do – Pinterest really is great to store all your ideas in one place. You can even set your board to private if you want to keep it secret, but still share it with your partner if you wish.

Consider making your own invitations and decorations. Pinterest and Etsy are great places to see what is out there and what other people have done before. Also, do you need a save the date card as well as an invitation? If you’re going to have both maybe consider hand delivering as many invitations as you can and post those that are a little further afield.

Plan ahead. It goes without saying that you should give yourself plenty of time to organise your wedding, but booking and paying as you go also means that you don’t end up with one huge bill at the end…easier said than done I know.

Hoping I can stick to this! If anyone has any tips they’d like to share to help take some of the stress and expense out planning a wedding, please comment below.