Using Pinterest when event planning

We love using Pinterest!

From deciding what colour we’re going to paint our living room to how you can make a candle holder out of an old tuna can and pegs – yes really – it’s great.

It really does come into its own for thrifty DIY projects, which makes it perfect for planning events, particularly weddings. The wealth of Pins is massive – they’re an endless source for inspiration. If you’re looking for ideas for a Moroccan theme, vintage vibes, or colourful decorations… it’s a labyrinth of ideas that spring board you from one idea to another and allows you to save them for later.

There’s loads of ideas on how to decorate our favoured Capri marquees, so take a look and see if anything takes your fancy. Anything is possible with Milestone Marquees.

We’re just starting to build up our own boards so keep an eye out as these will grow as we do.